Found Pet Tips


July is the month that most pets go missing. This is mainly due to Independence Day celebratory fireworks. But what do you do if you find a lost pet? Read on to learn more.

  • Check pet for collar and tags
    • If the pet has an ID tag, call the number listed
    • If the pet has a Rabies tag- call the Veterinary Clinic for them to contact the owner
    • If the pet has CIty Tag- call the office for them to contact the owner
  • Pet has no collar and/or any ID tags
    • Call non-emergency dispatch for pick up
      • The number for Red River Dispatch is 701-451-7660. Let them know the cross streets and city where the pet was located.
  • Post to Social Media
    • Keep some details private to ensure proper owners can claim. There are many lost/found pet groups and neighborhood groups on Facebook. Pawboost is another site that can publish lost/found pets on social media.
  • Check Nextdoor Pet Directory
    • Your neighbors may share their pets on Nextdoor, comparing the found pet to the directory may be an easy way to find the owner.
  • DO NOT keep the pet. Somebody is missing their pet, keeping it for yourself is theft and may be punishable by local law enforcement. It is also impossible to know the history of the pet. It may infect your existing pets with parasites or other diseases.


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