Pet Care Services

We currently offer the following Pet Care Services: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Cat Sitting. These are all in-home services so your pets stay comfortable in their own environment. Check out each service’s page to find out more information. Contact us here if you have any questions.

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service is a timed drop-in in your home to provide: a potty break, food/water, and play for your pets. Because your pets are so important, we send a report of each visit upon completion. [read more …]

Cat Sitting

Cat sitting shouldn’t be overlooked. Cats may seem pretty independent, but your feline friend needs care too! Let KMV and Friends Pet Sitting provide interaction and affection for your kitty. [read more …]

Dog Walking

Hiring a dog walking service offers your canine a much desired break. Because of our work and social commitments, we can’t always rush home to Fido. Let us handle that for you!  [read more …]

*All pets must have record of up to date Rabies vaccine or titer testing proving antibodies in accordance with city ordinance.